All you need to know


  • Each piece is 100% made in Austria


  • Dishwasher safe

Old tradition that has been adapted to modern life. Gmundner Keramik can be washed at the dishwasher without loosing the intensity of the colours.


  • Suitable for microwave

You can use Gmundner Keramik for microwaving. Just a little tip: You may use the microwave as a dish warmer, just place them for a couple of seconds in the microwave.


  • What is a rim?

A rim is the outer edge of a plate. Plates can be any shape, some have a wide rim, that curve up then flatten out.


  • Advantages of good Ceramic: keeps hot food, longer warm and holds fresh food longer fresh

If plates are being warmed before using them, they keep food longer warm. On the other side, cold drinks remain fresh longer; this is a great tip for hot summer days.


  • The differences between Classic and Gourmet

The classic designs (cup)  are the original and the first produced forms. The plates have a smooth, round, steep curve up to the rim. These classic designs are timeless , functional and very easy to combine.
The Gourmet forms, characterised by their wide rim and  a minimalist design are adapted to the current trends.


  • Colour differences in the hand painting

Our products are characterized due to the hand work, that's why no two pieces are alike. Colour differences on the ceramics are due to the hand painting. The amount of colour used on the brush and the painter’s usage of the brush determinate how dark or light the painting appears on each piece. Additionally our raw material is a product of nature, which cannot be controlled 100%. These irregularities in the material may lead to slightly different appearances. Each Gmundner piece has its own character and that´s what makes Gmundner so distinctive and special.


  • Would you like to send Gmundner to someone?

If you wish to send Gmundner ceramic by post, we recommend to wrap each piece in news paper or tissue paper. Fill up the parcel with newspaper that the unique pieces don't move around. You may also use bubble wrap film or foamed plastic.


  • Did you find some black spots like dark scratches at your Gmundner items?

These spots can appear when the cutlery rubs with the ceramic plates. The cutlery industry has change the alloy in the production process in order to make their cutlery dishwasher safe. Therefore, there has been an increase in the percentage of nickel. The metal has become softer and suffers a greater wear. Not only ceramic but also porcelain suffer under this effect.

Unfortunately this problem can't be avoided, but you can follow these tips:

    • Use a properly sharpened knife.
    • Take care that your dishwasher has always enough liquid rinse aid and salt.
    • You may also use phosphate free dishwashing liquid.
    • You can clean these dark spots using a standard stainless steel care product, you may also use it to clean your cutlery to avoid further abrasion.