Painting workshops

Why not pick up the brush yourself! At our ceramics painting workshop you not only have the chance to learn many interesting facts about the art of ceramics painting but also to let your creativity run wild on it yourself. Using original tools from the factory you can create your very own personal one-off, which by the way is a wonderful idea for a gift! You can either create the motifs using stamps from our resources or you can use your own imagination.


June / July / August
Monday to Friday: 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm


Monday to Friday: 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm

And by appointment +43 (0)7612 786-79


You can obtain tickets in the Gmundner Keramik studio (Atelier). 


€12 per painted piece, plus postage and packing if required.


Is not required.


Children under 14 years old only accompanied by a supervising adult.


You can obtain more information by calling: +43 (0)7612 786-79 or by emailing


Shapes, colours & motifs

You have the opportunity to paint cups and dessert plates using original Gmundner Keramik paints. Our paints are water-based and can easily be washed off skin. We recommend using the painting apron provided to protect your clothes.
The cups or plates can either be painted completely freely or with the help of our motif stamps. We present you with various motif stamps to choose from, always to match the season. If you do use a motif stamp, the subtle black rim of the imprint can still be seen. However, you also have the option of sketching out your personal motif by pencil yourself. These pencil marks disappear during the firing process.


Collection & delivery

You receive a pink collection slip for each piece with a number printed on it. You can find the same number on the back of your ceramic piece. You can personally collect your painted one-off approx. 7 days after your workshop from the factory seconds outlet. Please have your collection slip to hand for this.
We will also be happy to send your painted one-off to your home address. For this please buy a postage label at the factory seconds outlet. Please fill in the postage label with your name, address and the number on your collection slip. Then hand in the postage label to your workshop leader. We will send you your painted one-off 7 days after the workshop at the latest.

Tips for painting

Our staff and ceramic painters are available during the whole workshop to answer any questions you may have about painting, sketching etc.
We look forward to you joining us!