Dunton Hot Springs

Guests enjoy their food on Gmundner Ceramics even in Colorado.

Sarah Wiener

Sarah Wiener uses Gmundner ceramics repeatedly in her restaurants and also for many years privately. Her favorite pieces: the coffee cup and the pitcher in Gmundner Green dizzy.

Andreas Gabalier

Andreas Gabalier visited the Gmundner Keramik factory and signed sweeping a plate from the new Design Grey Rim.

Max Eidlhuber

Max Eidlhuber, President of "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser" (Castle Hotels & Mansions), is an outspoken enthusiast of Gmundner Keramik, as are many hoteliers of the exclusive hotel group.

Marlies Schild & Maria Höfl-Riesch

Ski-stars Marlies Schild, Austria`s most successful female ski-pro, and Maria Höfl-Riesch, winner of 2 Olympic gold medals, drink their warm-up lap from the gmundner cups.

Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner

During a visit Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, former Foreign Minister of Austria, painted a cup at Gmundner.

Albert Fortell & Barbara Wussow

The leading actors of the Austrian telenovela “Schlosshotel-Orth” Albert Fortell and Barbara Wussow painted enthusiastic, together with their families, their own Gmundner.

Hannes Trinkl, Bgm. Christine Eisner & Martina Pühringer

Ski-pro Hannes Trinkl, downhill world champion in 2001, enjoys his coffee with Christine Eisner, mayor of Hof Feichtelgut and state representative Martina Pühringer.

Miss Oberösterreich

The winners of the Miss “Oberösterreich” award presenting Gmundner.

Michi Walchhofer

Ski-pro Michi Walchhofer, downhill specialist and winner of the world championship in 2003, paints his own design.

Museum for German and Austrian Art

Gmundner Keramik made an exquisite Bowl for the museum shop "Neue Galerie New York, Museum for German and Austrias Art". This Bowl was produced according the style from Dagobert Peche.

Xenia Hausner

Artist Xenia Hausner designed a special edition in 2010. 250 unique pieces for the Summer Academy in Traunkirchen, which are today extremely rare and hard to get.

Fest & Gast

The Catering company Hofstetter, focused on hospitality since 1982 but still following new tendencies and of course providing the best quality, is also using Gmundner on its events.

Peter Gillesberger

Peter Gillesberger, a famous folk music artist, needs his throat to be moisturized to perform well. The “green Deer” always helps him out.

Schlosshotel Orth

The famous telenovela “Schlosshotel Orth” which was produced in Gmunden from 1996 to 2004 used Gmundner ceramic to make the show authentic. Producers and actors immediately fell in love.

Schlosswirt zu Anif

Gmundner plays an important role in gastronomy as well. For example at the idyllic “Schlosswirt zu Anif” near Salzburg.

Biohotel Stanglwirt

Guests at the “Biohotel Stanglwirt” at the “Wilder Kaiser” can also enjoy their dinner on our beautiful pieces.

Hotel-Gasthof Post

The Hotel Gasthof Post situated in Lech, in Arlberg, presents his Buffet in Gmundner Designs.

Landhotels Österreich

The LANDHOTELS ÖSTERREICH loving the traditional Austrian style, use our tableware in many of their hotels.


A unique Cottage Holiday for those who want to take a break from everyday life. Hidden in the Lungau Montains, Using Gmundner Dizzy red at 1900 m.

Winery Bründlmeyer

Appreciation of Gmundner is high everywhere. In the lovely and tasteful “Burgenland” you will find us in the “Weingut Bründlmeyer”.

Falkenstein Grand Kempinski

Luxury sets the tone in the Hotel “Falkenstein Grand Kempinski” in Frankfurt. A perfect fit for our exquisite product.

Apartments of “Mountain beds” in Switzerland

To round up the apartments of “Mountain beds” in Switzerland in style, Gmunder equipped them with the “red Deer”.

Hotel Jagdhof in Neustift

The luxury hotel Jagdhof in Neustift/Tirol provides his international guests a piece of Austrian live style, of course with Gmundner Keramik.