Tradition unites




Whether a medieval knight’s castle or a magical fairy-tale palace, a magnificent city palais or a traditional country inn: Each castle hotel and mansion is inseparably tied to its own individual history, making it quite unique. And yet they do have certain things in common, such as a sense of responsibility when it comes to preserving their cultural treasures, their enthusiasm for history and a desire for others to share in the experience, plus the joy of opening their doors, gates and hearts to guests who are in search of places with deeply rooted traditions and an atmosphere of sincere hospitality. 

Though there is also something else that unites Castle Hotels & Mansions: their history and their stories. Most of the tales they tell are based on true events, many are legends, and a few are simply made-up, but all are worth telling and enjoying. 

Allow yourself to be charmed, pampered and captivated! 

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Jaguar vehicles are created at our ultra-modern plant in Castle Bromwich; the site of first-class craftsmanship, where hundreds of high-tech assembly robots, a large number of cutting-edge machines and thousands of top-quality employees work together in perfect synchronization. Grant McPherson, Director of Operations, is responsible for ensuring that every single vehicle is perfect. 

“At Jaguar, exceptional engineering and alluring design have always taken centre stage”, explains McPherson. “Our task is to take the design vision of our team and turn it into reality, perfectly, with every car. It is our job to realize very specific goals. And for me, quality means achieving those goals time and time again. In doing so, we work with a true love for detail. After all, we are building absolute premium vehicles.” 

Unique automobiles to order 

Each individual Jaguar is manufactured to order; which means, each vehicle on our production lines already has a future owner. And it is precisely this which is the foundation for the unique craftsmanship which underlies our production processes. 

“It is all about surprise and anticipation”, Grant McPherson explains further. “Every new owner of a Jaguar should enjoy a wonderful experience when they get into their car for the very first time. We want to exceed their expectations. Jaguar creates fantastic automobiles and absolute design icons – this is a task we take very seriously.” 

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Collections for Generations

The uniting of tradition and zeitgeist is a matter of course for us and reflected in the Habsburg Lifestyle Collection. It is tailored exclusively from the finest materials and, true to the manufacturing philosophy, has been produced in Salzburg since 1992. “Fine formalwear”, as well as in- and outdoor clothing for men and women, is supplemented by independent collections featuring knit Cashmere, the finest leather, lambskin and accessories. Luxury design meets craftsmanship, quality meets imperial roots. Dedicated to a synthesis of continuity and transformation, devoted to the harmony between daily wearability and style, Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg is the embodiment of "NOBLESSE OBLIGE".

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