Pure Dizzy design

New interpretation of the classic

Let your table shine bright and modern! The new design Pure Dizzy tells the joy of life, is young, lively and individual. The reduced design brings a pleasant lightness to your table and offers unique combination possibilities for every style of living. Everything is possible with Pure Dizzy.

Pretty items for your table

Pure Dizzy emphasizes the particularity of the ceramic: the glossy surfaces, the radiant white, the soft shapes, but most notably the strong colours. The unique design is available in the colours green, red, grey, yellow and blue.

Inspired by the classic

Inspired by the Gmundner classic, the "Dizzy green", the design Pure Dizzy is created. In doing so, the heart piece of the 300-year-old design is re-arranged. Pure Dizzy is pleasantly familiar and at the same time refreshingly new.

Pure Austria

It signals a step into a new lightness. Pure Dizzy is the contemporary interpretation of Austrian values. It stands for the pure Austria, true hospitality, genuine cosiness and a stylish table- and food culture. It makes us live and reside with all our senses.