Dizzy green design

The classic

It is probably Austria's most famous tableware. More than 300 years ago, the Gmundner classic, the Dizzy green was born. An original with a high recognition value. A real piece of Austria, with which you are always on the right track. Through Dizzy green, all that the land possesses is reflected. Naturalness, elegance, tradition, art and the colour green. And because this ceramic is so beautiful, the Gmundner original is also available in the other colours of the Salzkammergut: red, yellow, blue and grey.

Wordlwide unique

The design is produced with a unique craftsmanship technique, the so called "Flaming". The paint is not painted, but sprayed onto the ceramic with a fine hose. There is no other company worldwide, operating this technology. Our painters doing the flaming in the manufactory also need two years to master the special hand-held technique of the 10 Dizzy-designs for over 110 shapes.

Dizzy green wedding dress

The emotions, which Dizzy green sparks among our customers are boundless: the married couple Schmidt did not even want to do without the Dizzy green at the most beautiful day of their lives. For the bride and the bridesmaids, they had beautiful dresses tailored in Dizzy green, and in the summer of 2015, they got married at Schloss Orth. You can now visit the dresses in our manufactory exhibition.