Hunters delight design

	 | © Gmundner Keramik

Dining like a king

Traditional, calming and exciting at the same time – that is how the popular hunt is presenting itself in many places. Nevertheless, hunt implies way more than just waiting for the right shot.

Creativity in every brush stroke

For the painters of Gmundner Keramik stands the design “Hunters Delight” for creativity. It is the only design, in which the painters can evolve their own creativity. Naturally, the finished scene on the plate always has to be a hunting scene, however if there is a man or woman, which colours they are using for the clothing or which dog breed they are painting, depends solely on the painter.

The most precious piece

Of course, such a complex process needs time and that is why it may happen that it takes a painter more than a full hour for painting. But this definitely pays off when looking at the finished unique ceramic item. Every single piece from the Hunters Delight series is different than any other in our assortment and yet they fit together harmoniously. The ideal motive for a keen hunter and collector.