Lakeside design

Colours of the beautiful lake

The morning coffee with the memory of a beautiful sunrise, the bowl, which recalls the walk around the Traunsee and the cake from a plate, which reflects the romantic Salzkammergut.

Worldwide unique

Those memories are no coincidence, since the Traunsee was the inspiration behind the design which was named after him. The appropriate technique to the thousands of years old lake is the traditional and oldest craftsmanship technology of the Gmundner Keramik – the “Flaming”. Here, the colour is not painted, but sprayed onto the ceramic with a fine hose. The proper colour selection was quickly clear, when you think about the deepest lake in Austria. The classic green of Gmundner Keramik is essential and with a complement, a dark blue, which reflects the colour of the Traunsee.

Vacation at home

With that, your table turns with lightning speed into a cheerful table at the lake, which is covered in a refreshing breeze and your vacation seems to even continue at home.