Red deer design

	 | © Gmundner Keramik

Ruby or wine red

Red has always been deemed to be a colour of love and faithfulness. The wild ruby and soft wine red deer of Gmundner Keramik therefore represent a particularly sensual decoration. Red is considered a warm colour and has an exhilarating and active effect. Perfect for individualists, the deer can also be combined with other decors from Gmundner Keramik, such as Selection. Spoil yourself, your family and friends, best every day, with these unique designs by Gmundner Keramik.

Red ≠ red

If you are not sure with which red deer you are dealing with, you can easily find the answer when looking at the stamp: if the stamp at the bottom of the ceramic is grey, it is the wine red deer, if the stamp is red, it is the ruby deer.

The elegant deer is available in the following colours: