Sunset design

Jolly colours

What describes a fascinating autumn mood better, than the different shades of late summer like yellow, orange, red and wine red? Exactly these splendidly warm colours served as inspiration for our Gmundner Keramik design Sunrise. The cheerful design makes pure joy of life perceptible.

Worldwide unique

The design is produced with a unique craftsmanship technique, the so called "Flaming". The paint is not painted, but sprayed onto the ceramic with a fine hose. There is no other company worldwide, operating this technology. Our painters doing the flaming in the manufactory also need two years to master the special hand-held technique of the 10 Dizzy-designs for over 110 shapes.

For sun worshippers

The decor "Sunrise" is exactly the right thing for those, who wear the sun in their hearts, not only in summer, but also throughout the year.