Variety of shapes

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Cup or gourmet

After the design has been selected, the appropriate place setting has to be chosen. Basically we differ between 2 varieties of shapes in the Gmundner Keramik:


The cup- or classic shape is the initial, straight-lined shape, according to the tradition. The plates are without a flag. The classic-shape is timeless, functional and most notably, can be combined in a variety of ways. This shape is principally used for the style collections “rustic & elevated”, as well as “colourful & vivid”.


The gourmet-shape is distinguished by its thinner wall thickness and therefore less weight. The plates have an elegant, white flag and a reduced design. The plate flag is labelled as the outer edge of a plate. The flag is heightened, secludes the plate and results in a broad edge of the plate. The elegant shape has been adapted to the trend of the time. The design of the style collection “timeless & elegant” harmonises particularly good with this shape.

	 | © Gmundner Keramik
If shape, design and colour speak the same language, then the product is exceptionally harmonious.
Karin Reder, Marketing manager

Important exception

Exceptions confirm the rule. Because of that, almost all designs of Gmundner Keramik are offered in both versions of the shapes. We will be happy to advise you in our manufactory store in Gmunden or in our brand stores in Vienna or Salzburg.