Precious objects

How do you recognize valuable tableware?

You have inherited an old vase or an old service from a relative or discovered a box of old ceramics or porcelain on the attic? Now you would like to know how much these supposed treasures are worth.

For the estimation of ceramics or porcelain, one thing is important: the manufacturer. There are some well-known manufactures in Austria, as well as in Germany, which can be traced back to the past centuries. Even then, the valuable ceramics and porcelain fittings were marked with trademarks, which however changed several times over the centuries. Therefore, it is often possible to estimate the time from which the pieces come from the stamp.

For Gmundner Keramik, a special handbook on the development of the stamps and brands was issued by René Edenhofer in May 2017 (Gmundner Keramik Markenführer).

Basically: old brands are very valuable. However, the condition of the ceramic or the porcelain is also important.

If you have pieces of the following ceramics or porcelain manufacturers at home, they can definitely be reliably estimated:

  • Gmundner Keramik Manufactory
  • Villeroy & Boch Porcelain
  • Dibbern Porcelain
  • Rosenthal Porcelain
  • Kahla Porcelain
  • Fürstenberg Porcelain
  • Seltmann Weiden Porcelain
  • Hutschenreuther Porcelain
  • Meissen Porcelain
  • Nymphenburg Porcelain
  • KPM - Royal Porcelain Manufactory
  • Eva Solo Porcelain
  • Royal Copenhagen Porcelain
  • Augarten Porcelain
  • Gollhammer Keramik