3 creative gift ideas for Mother's Day

Every 2nd Sunday in May it’s time. But what should you give the „best mum in the world“? We show you 3 creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day and tell you how to perfectly stage the classics prosecco, bouquet of flowers and sweets as a Mother’s Day gift and give a unique present.

Idea 1

The 2-in-1 vase

A classic Mother’s Day gift is the prosecco bottle. A champagne bottle with a bow? Boring. Why not put the bottle in a creative champagne cooler?


Whether large or small, our vases are perfect as prosecco coolers. Just put a 0.75 l bottle in the large vase or a piccolo in the medium vase and the sparkling gift can be given away in style.


Later, the „cooler“ can be used as a vase and you have two gifts at once.

Our tip: The bottle should be as straight as possible and not too bulbous, otherwise it won't fit.
Idea 2

The Flower-Statment-Piece

Flowers are the most popular gift for Mother’s Day. Whether peonies, tulips or roses – a beautifully draped bouquet makes a big impression!


Perhaps you already have the perfect flowers in mind for your mother, but don’t know how to give them creatively? Then our homemade amphora is just the thing. To do this, place 2 bowls or dishes on top of each other to create a stylish eye-catcher for flowers.


Alternatively, you can also decorate handleless mugs or sugar bowls with flowers.

Our tip: Use a plug-in sponge, rabbit lattice or a lattice made of adhesive tape to drape the flowers nicely in the bowl.
Idea 3

It comes from heart

Among the most commonly given gifts on Mother’s Day are sweets. Whether it’s chocolates, chocolate or confectionery, sweet delicacies are the third most popular Mother’s Day gift.


Lovingly packaged in a handmade ceramic heart-shaped bowl, the chocolate pieces are twice as much fun.


Whether a heart dish from our standard range, a personalised heart designed online according to your ideas with the configurator or you simply wield the brush yourself by painting your own ceramics in our studio.