Our values

Founded in 1492, Gmundner Keramik today is synonymous with the finest quality Austrian tableware. Its commitment to traditional craftsmanship ensures that each piece is lovingly handmade and unique. All our products, including the distinctive Gmundner Keramik patterns and smooth ceramic shapes, are 100% Made in Austria. Everything – from the blending of raw materials, to moulding, to painting – takes place at our manufactory in Gmunden, Upper Austria.

Handmade since 1492

Gmundner Keramik has a long heritage as a global ambassador of Made in Austria.


All products are 100% Made in Austria. Everything, from the blending of raw materials, to turning, to painting by hand, takes place at our manufactory in Gmunden.


The history of Gmundner Keramik can be traced back to the 15th century, as evidenced by archaeological finds in the town of Gmunden at the northern end of Lake Traunsee.


Gmundner Keramik was first mentioned in the annals in 1492. In the centuries that followed, the manufactory established itself as a producer of figurative art. In 1968, the company was acquired by Johannes von Hohenberg, who transformed it into a purveyor of high-quality tableware, garnering a reputation that has made Gmundner Keramik known worldwide today.

Traditional craftsmanship

Every piece in the Flamed series has been handmade in Gmunden for over 300 years using a traditional artisan technique called „flaming“.


During this process the paint is not painted on, but sprayed onto the ceramic through a hose with a fine tip.


A particularly interesting aspect of this type of painting is that the paint has to be in constant flow in order to be applied in sweeping movements to the ceramic.


It takes an apprentice flamer two years to master all the designs in the Flamed series, featured on over 110 ceramic shapes, which must be applied with speed and a deft touch.

We are the only company in the world that masters this technology.

Each piece is unique

The exquisite handcraftsmanship of our artisans makes our products unique.


The manufactory in Gmunden produces unique, one-of-a-kind ceramics pieces lovingly handmade by around 115 employees, including a team of 25 ceramic painters, who bring each piece to life.


The distinctive patterns evoke timeless elegance, characterised by bold colours on bright white glaze and smooth ceramic shapes.

Machines can only reproduce, people create true originals.