Our values


Whether it’s the Michelin-starred restaurant „Wallsé“ in New York City, the Viennese cult location „Skopik & Lohn“ or the exclusive Berlin wine bar „Freundschaft“ – Gmundner Keramik is at home anywhere in the world where a fine lifestyle is celebrated.


The traditional history of the over 500-year-old ceramics manufacturer lives on in every product and radiates a special charisma. The handmade crockery made in Austria stands for an Austrian attitude to life, hospitality, a sense of tradition and a connection with nature. This can be felt in every single piece.


But exclusive international shops, such as „Sofina“ in Kitzbühel, „Fiona Finds“ in London and „Schuco“ in Tokyo, also testify to the enormous international reach of the handmade unique pieces.

We attach great importance to sustainable and socially fair production and we are proud that we manufacture every single piece by hand exclusively in Gmunden.
Markus Friesacher, owner of Gmundner Keramik

Genuine craftsmanship

It is the craftsmanship that makes Gmundner Keramik so special. Hardly any other product passes through as many hands as our crockery from Lake Traunsee.


Up to 60 hand movements ensure that every piece of Gmundner Keramik is unique.


With over 115 employees, 25 of whom work in the painting department, we are also a major employer in the region.


Every piece we produce is unique.


Unique craftsmanship worldwide

Each piece in the flamed series has been produced in Gmunden for over 300 years using a unique artisan technique known as „flaming“.


The colour is not painted on, but sprayed onto the ceramic with a fine hose.


What is particularly interesting about this is that the colour must be in constant flow in order to be applied to the ceramic in circular movements.


In addition to speed and a great deal of dexterity, the „Flammer:in“ apprenticeship takes two years to master all the flame designs and over 110 moulds.


There is no other company in the world that masters and executes this technique.

100% from Austria

Production has always taken place at the manufactory site in Austria.


From turning and moulding, to retouching and sponging, painting and firing – everything is done with great care and attention to detail in the manufactory right in the Salzkammergut.


Even the clay, the colours and the glaze are mixed and prepared in Gmunden according to a special secret recipe.

History with innovation

The Austrian manufactory combines over 500 years of high-quality ceramic tradition with modern art and innovative ideas. The ceramics manufactory on Lake Traunsee was mentioned in a document as early as 1492, when Christopher Columbus was discovering America. Today, Gmundner is one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Central Europe and is sought after worldwide for its exclusive unique pieces.


Art has always been part of the manufactory’s identity. The art-historical significance of the brand is documented by extensive collections in the MAK Vienna, the Upper Austrian Provincial Museum and international art auctions. And it still plays an important role today. In addition to the popular classics, Gmundner presents lines inspired by the African continent. Current works and pieces created as part of the Academy of Ceramics Gmunden (AoCG) are also shown under the „Wiener Keramik“ brand.

Natural raw materials & sustainable production

Broken raw materials are 100% reused & recycled. This means that all clay cuttings, remnants or imperfect moulds are given a new chance and returned to the manufacturing process.


All undecorated and fired pieces that do not meet the high quality standards are crushed and used for insulation in façade insulation.


All plaster moulds, which are necessary for shaping and are also made by hand, are also given a new task. After around 60 uses each, they are sent to cement works for further processing.


As 100% of the production takes place in Gmunden, no transport routes are required as part of the production process.

A real cultural asset

In May 2021, the „flaming of ceramics“ was declared a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Two years of training are required to master this art.


This means that with every piece of Gmunden ceramics, you hold a genuine cultural asset from Austria in your hands.

Suitable for everyday use

All Gmundner Keramik products are suitable for everyday use and can be used in the dishwasher and microwave.


If you look after your ceramics properly, your crockery will shine for many years to come.

Product range diversity

Gmundner Keramik has something for every vibe.


Our range comprises around 2,800 individual items in a wide variety of shapes and colours and around 69 different designs.


Typical of Gmundner Keramik are the soft ceramic shapes, the bright white glaze and the bold colours of our timeless classics. To retain the natural colour of the ceramic, there are also designs with a transparent glaze.

Customised products

As one of the only tableware manufacturers in Austria, we can also produce customised items!


Whether from our standardised range such as children’s tableware, piggy banks, door signs or a very personal ceramic piece with your own design, logo, initials or coat of arms – we are happy to design for you, starting from just one piece.

Subsequent purchase

Consistency is important to us!


That’s why you should always be able to buy individual pieces for your service.


We are also happy to reproduce older designs on our current moulds for you on request.

Machines can only reproduce. People create genuine originals.