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06. September 2023
The pleasure of tradition: Christmas & New Year’s Eve
06. September 2023
New Africa designs & The iconic elephant teapot
The Gmundner Ceramics Manufactory and the unique Africa ...
15. Juni 2023
Summer Love: Lobster & Dark Blue flamed
NEW: Maritime design by Gmundner Keramik
01. Juni 2023
Be colorful and diverse, like a rainbow!
31. Mai 2023
Individual personalisation from a single item
27. April 2023
Shop opening in Anif
Markus Friesacher opens the first Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur sale in Salzburg
26. April 2023
Personalised Children’s set
A unique gift full of craftsmanship, an individual favorite piece and a wonderful memory. The personalised Children’s set of Gmundner Keramik is something very special.
26. April 2023
Mother’s Day: Love needs appreciation
Mother's Day with Gmundner ceramics
09. März 2023
Easter with style & a touch of Tradition
As Easter approaches, it's time to start thinking about how to make this celebration even more beautiful. At Gmundner Keramik, we believe that handmade, high-quality ceramics can add a touch of elegance and tradition to any Easter celebration.
07. November 2019
An evening dedicated to brand cooperation
The Gmunden Chamber of Commerce, TV1, Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Milch hosted an inspiring evening dedicated to a unique regional alliance. The event was attended by around 50 guests from business, politics and society.
regionalen Schulterschlusses. Der Einladung folgten rund 50 Gäste aus Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft.
26. September 2019
Shop opening in Hallstatt
In September 2019, Gmundner Keramik opened a new store in the heart of Marktplatz in Hallstatt, offering a range of unique, handmade pieces from the historic manufactory.
09. September 2019
Gmundner Milch & Gmundner Keramik expand alliance
Gmundner Milch and Gmundner Keramik conjure up new experiences for all senses around the table. The two companies from the Salzkammergut Lake District inspire with unique designs and regional authenticity.
01. Mai 2019
Special edition Hearts Grey
On 1 May 2019, Gmundner Keramik launched a new line of its Hearts special edition in stylish grey.
01. Mai 2019
Gmundner Keramik launches White Flamed pattern
On 1 May 2019, Gmundner Keramik launched a new pattern called White Flamed, a reimagining of a timeless classic.
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