Handmade since 1492

A little piece of Austria

For over 500 years, Gmundner Keramik has built on its proud Austrian heritage and outstanding reputation for handcrafting beautiful and unique ceramic pieces. First mentioned in the annals in 1492, the manufactory situated in the town of Gmunden is now the largest in Central Europe. Today, Gmundner Keramik is synonymous with the finest quality Austrian tableware. Its commitment to traditional craftsmanship ensures that each piece is unique – made and painted by hand and as unique as the person who buys it. The signature Green Flamed pattern is instantly recognisable and much sought-after worldwide.


First products

The first products designed by Gmundner were quite basic. These early designs are known as Hafner ware, a style of lead-glazed earthenware that was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Hafner ware had a porous body that had to be glazed to be made impermeable.


The birth of a classic

In the 17th century, the town of Gmunden established itself as the centre of the ceramics industry in Austria. Over the course of the next 100 years, local artisans began to develop recognisable patterns and ceramic shapes. An important development of this era was the painting of short, bold green lines on the edge of plates and bowls. The famous Green Flamed pattern was born.


Moving into the Hafnerhaus

In 1843, the Hafnerhaus was bought by Franz Schleiss and his wife Franziska. In 1903, his son Leopold Schleiss founded the Gmundner Tonwarenfabrik (Gmunden Pottery Factory) on what is now the site of the present-day Gmundner Keramik manufactory. In 2003, the company celebrated the 100th anniversary of the site with a series of events, including the hosting of an international ceramic symposium.


Collaboration with artists

In the 19th century, famous artists such as Gustav Klimt, Gustav Mahler and Franz Lehàr often accompanied the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) to their summer residence in Bad Ischl and influenced the ceramic art of that time


Love of art

The Schleiss family was a patron the arts in the region. In 1909, the Franz and Emilie Schleiss Art Workshop opened its doors and began what makes our company so special to this day - the love of art.


Merger of Wiener and Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Tonwarenfabrik Schleiß GmbH

In 1913, Franz Schleiss II merged with Wiener Keramik (Vienna Ceramics), which served as a sales association for Wiener Werkstätten. The United Wiener und Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Tonwarenfabrik Schleiß GmbH attracted many talented ceramic artists such as Peche, Powolny, Zülow and Hartmann during the summer and turned Gmunden into an artist colony.


Number 1 in Austria

In 1968, Johannes Fürst Hohenberg, a direct descendant of the Austrian imperial family, acquired the Gmundner Keramik manufactory and made it the number 1 tableware manufacturer in Austria. The new-found success was partly due to the growing popularity of the Green Flamed pattern. Fürst Hohenberg subsequently teamed up with Professor Gudrun Wittke-Baudisch to establish Gruppe H (Group H), a local ceramic art association - the H stand for Hallstatt (residence of Mrs Wittke-Baudisch) and Hohenberg.


Gmundner Keramik opens its first store

In 2012, Gmundner Keramik opened the doors of its first store at Getreidegasse 35, in Salzburg. Situated right next to Trachten Stassny (traditional Austrian costumes), the store offers a range of high-quality, unique and beautiful ceramic pieces handcrafted in Austria. The store displays the entire collection of Gmundner Keramik products over an area of ca. 30 m2. The Getreidegasse branch is open on Sundays during the festival season, giving festival-goers, tourists and ceramics lovers an extra day to find the perfect souvenir to take home from the city of Mozart.


Store opens in Vienna

Gmundner Keramik opens its second store in Vienna. Situated in the 1st district of the Austrian capital, the store is only a stone's throw from Stephansplatz and the Plague Column. Here you can find the entire collection of Gmundner Keramik products presented in a stylish atmosphere. The store attracts guests from all over the world, who come to admire and take home unique and beautiful ceramic pieces lovingly handcrafted in the picturesque Salzkammergut Lake District in Upper Austria.


Pop up store opens in Designer Outlet Salzburg

In spring 2019, Gmundner Keramik opened a pop-up store in the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Salzburg. For 365 days, the store will offer a range of unique, handcrafted ceramic pieces, including discounted items sold in the manufactory shops in Gmunden. The pop-up store will also offer reductions on pieces deemed as seconds, including for popular patterns such as Alpine Flowers, Flamed and Deer, in a variety of colours. The Gmundner Keramik pop-up store is located on the level 2 of the shopping centre opposite Intersport Bründl.


Store opens in Hallstatt

In autumn 2019, Gmundner Keramik opened a new store in Hallstatt, Upper Austria. The store is located in the historic Marktplatz, next to the town square's cosy cafés, restaurants and bars. Here you will find the entire collection of Gmundner ceramics to choose from.
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