Art & Aid Project Namibia

Donkerbos, Namibia

The ceramics of the San

In several workshops in the Kalahari, San artists from the settlements of Donkerbos and Drimiopsis created a series of designs on paper. These were then selected and brought to perfection on site using original colours from Gmundner Keramik.


It was the beginning of a collaboration that provides a livelihood for the San and takes the artistic programme of Gmundner Keramik to another peak.


The owner of Gmundner Keramik, Markus Friesacher, has a close connection to Namibia. He knows the history and fate of the San (a collective term for some indigenous ethnic groups in southern Africa) and actively supports them.


In 2022, the high artistic skills of the artists in the Donkerbos led to the idea of producing a Namibia Ceramics Edition. Thus a unique project was born.


Our painters were inspired by the artworks of the San and were able to develop their artistic talents. We are currently presenting the result of this symbiosis in our factory shop in Gmunden.