Gmundner Lodge

how it all began

Gmundner Lodge

For the past 20 years, Gmundner’s owner, Markus Friesacher, has returned to Namibia, where he’s forged a deep personal connection with the land and people. From his first exploration, Friesacher envisioned a self-sustaining lodge where discerning world travellers could discover Namibia’s true wilderness and rugged beauty in a setting unlike anywhere else on Earth.


In 2021, Gmundner Lodge was designed in deep reverence for the land where it is found, with careful consideration to preserve the surrounding environment, wildlife and culture. Gmundner Lodge represents a new era of unparalleled luxury in the wild with reimagined guest experiences that balance adventure and wellness in equal measure.


Holding to his promise of self-sustenance, Gmundner Lodge runs on solar power and is built in harmony with nature, using locally sourced, sustainable materials that extend from the structure to the interiors. Local architects, designers and builders were tapped to bring Gmundner Lodge to life, with thoughtful nuances of the landscape and heritage woven throughout.


On a ground level, Gmundner Lodge is proudly run by locals, whose inherent and diverse knowledge of Namibia brings into focus a meaningful cultural exchange for visitors.