An evening dedicated to brand cooperation

The Gmunden Chamber of Commerce, TV1, Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Milch hosted an inspiring evening dedicated to a unique regional alliance. The event was attended by around 50 guests from business, politics and society.


Identification, added value for companies, job creation and last but not least unique products and services. „The flourishing development of the economic region around Lake Traunsee shows us all that our region is the ideal location for a variety of success stories,“ said Robert Oberfrank of the Gmunden Chamber of Commerce.


The alliance between Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Milch shows what added value is created when two companies combine their strengths. Since autumn 2019, Gmundner Milch products not only contain domestic milk, their packaging now also features the unmistakeable Gmundner Keramik design.


“We are both companies with strong local heritage that inspire customers far beyond Austria’s borders with their products. Our cooperation enables us to achieve valuable synergies,” says Andreas Glatz, Managing Director of Gmundner Keramik. „Having two companies with such rich histories, so many common values and above all the same goals working side by side is unique in Austria.“ Michael Waidacher, Managing Director of Gmundner Milch, adds: „Taking advantage of the possibilities presents a real opportunity, but also a great responsibility.“


Keynote speech by brand expert Kira Schinko

Brand expert Kira Schinko summed up the possibilities and presented examples of other national and international brand cooperations in her keynote speech. “Unfortunately, many potential collaborations often fail before they even get off the ground. Before we can bring products, services or brands together, the interests of the people involved must be brought together,” says Schinko.


About Gmundner Keramik

Since 1492, Gmundner Keramik has established a reputation for exquisite craftsmanship that creates unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted ceramic pieces. With its manufactory in the heart of the Salzkammergut Lake District, Gmundner Keramik is 100% Made in Austria and painted by hand. Gmundner Keramik is one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Central Europe with around 130 employees, including a team 40 painters. The manufactory produces 5,000 handcrafted pieces every day. In Austria, every second household owns at least one Gmundner Keramik piece, with 87% of the population familiar with the brand. Gmundner Keramik is the market leader for tableware in Austria. Its largest export market is Germany. Other export destinations include Japan, USA, Slovenia, Italy, France, England and Switzerland. Export accounts for 30% of sales.