The white flamed

All in white and tangibly beautiful: the „White Flamed“ is the discreet, timelessly elegant classic from the popular „Flamed“ series by Gmundner Keramik. The white structure of the lovingly drawn patterns only stands out very gently from the background, but remains clearly perceptible to the touch thanks to the traditional decoration technique. Each piece is unique and handmade – and can also be harmoniously combined with the other colors in the artistic collection.

Reduced to the essentials

Just like the flamed design in green, yellow, blue, grey, black and red, the „white flamed“ is characterized by the characteristic arches and waves. The plates, for example, feature carefully hand-applied semicircles that spread out concentrically around the edge of the plate. They also adorn complementary accessories such as egg cups or butter dishes. Bowls, jugs and cups, on the other hand, are decorated with stripes. Circles and lines do not feature overly strict geometries: Instead, they are freely curved by hand, which lends them a natural look and emphasizes their handcrafted character.

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