Colourful diversity with the rainbow design


Our ceramics are always characterised by the subtle interplay of elegant aesthetics and decorative sophistication. The „Rainbow“ flamed design continues this tradition in a charming way. The colourful collection celebrates the beauty, diversity and vibrancy of nature with the different colours of the rainbow. Carefully crafted by hand, each piece is unique and radiates both high table culture and exuberant cheerfulness.

High table culture and exuberant cheerfulness

The creative possibilities of the „rainbow“ design are just as varied as its nuances. The plates, mugs, jugs, bowls and accessories with their vibrant colours enrich the table at any atmospheric occasion. But the collection also ensures a good mood and a lively start to the day at a family Sunday breakfast. There are also exciting combinations with the classic „flamed“ designs. On a table laid with „White Flamed“, for example, the „Rainbow“ motif sets attractive accents and complements the subtle, elegant look of „White Flamed“ with fresh energy.

Vibrant and diverse

The bright colours of the „rainbow“ design bring dynamism to the ambience and have an invigorating effect at the table, whether indoors or outdoors. Inspired by nature, the tableware is also perfect for the upcoming garden season and brings a cheerful touch to balconies, terraces or green meadows. Manufactured in high quality, the tableware also impresses with its durability and suitability for everyday use.

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