Fine ceramic art celebrates spring

With the arrival of spring, nature blossoms. Easter is also just around the corner and brings friends and family together. A festively laid table often becomes the sociable centerpiece. And the more beautifully it is set, the more harmonious the atmosphere.

Yellow and green flamed

The fine craftsmanship shows its lively character particularly in the „Yellow Flamed“, „Green Flamed“ and „Alpine Flowers“ motifs. With nature as a model, the colorful ceramic collections decorate the Easter table in an elegant and cheerful way. At the same time, the traditional Gmunden design creates a classic ambience that radiates a sense of security. The typical color scheme of the „Green Flamed“ collection is unmistakable. A particularly radiant overall picture is created in combination with the sunny „Yellow Flamed“, which is reminiscent of daffodils and the warmth of the sun.

Alpine Flowers

The „Alpine Flowers“ motif also brings the magic of a flower meadow to the table. Hand-painted blue bellflowers, red lungwort and yellow marsh marigolds make each piece a unique work of art. Thanks to the loving details and vibrant colors in
the „Scattered Flowers“ collection and the curved, organic lines of the flamed ceramics, warmth, harmony and festive flair accompany the spring and Easter season.