Holiday vibes with Alexandra Meissnitzer

The look by Alexandra Meissnitzer ...

After an exciting ski season, the double world champion, world cup winner and presenter Alexandra Meissnitzer prefers to relax in Austria. As soon as it is possible, she spends her time with her family and friends at the lake. For a comfortable time-out, she attaches importance to the right ambience. For the extra portion of „holiday feeling“ she made her way to KATE & KON at the shimmering turquoise Attersee in the Salzkammergut.


„Blue is my favourite colour. The harmonious „blue“ in combination with flowers, grass and natural materials such as: Linen brings out the table very softly.

To underline the maritime theme, there is a small „island“ in the middle with grass, stones and a bouquet of flowers. Next to the „island“, 2 light blue table runners run across the wooden table. To „swim“ in water, I use placements made of water hyacinth.


The simple cutlery with wooden handle take a seat next to and seems like „floating debris“.


For a personal touch, I tied the cloth napkins with stripes together with  grass, a blue dried flower and a raffia.


If you like, you can still drape candles at the head and end of the table for summer evenings.


With such a beautifully and very personally laid table, I can create and express perfectly different moods. It becomes a place full of joy and warmth, somehow simple and special.“

Must haves
  • shades of blue
  • grassed & dried flowers
  • leaves and white flowers
  • striped cloth napkins
  • light blue table runners
  • placemats made from natural materials
  • cutlery with a wooden handle

... with Gmundner Keramik

Do you feel the waves with our design blue flamed? Loosely curved, they float across the gleaming with ceramic and invite you to dream.


Combined with the simple design pur flamed blue, the classic one looks even fresher.


If you love blue as much as Alexandra Meissnitzer, you can also mix the design variation blue to give the table an even more maritime touch.


"Blue is my favourite colour. It is very calm and harmonious.
Alexandra Meissnitzer
guest at


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