Mother's Day: Love needs appreciation

Multifaceted and rich in variety, full of surprises and inventiveness, consistent over generations, you always have a pleasure with it and love it more than anything: Gmundner ceramics. Or would you have thought of your mother? Connecting values: This love needs appreciation, so that it lasts for generations.

The sparkling vase ...

This year, Gmundner Keramik is full of ideas: How about a vase from Gmundner Keramik as a prosecco cooler? The sparkling gift is given away right away in the „creative“ champagne cooler of the Gmundner Keramik vase. The large vase for a 0.75 L bottle and the medium vase for a piccolo bottle.

Bowls & Shapes for Flowers as a Statement Piece ...

The bouquet of flowers can be presented particularly decorative: With two bowls, which you put one above the other. This creates a stylish amphora. This delightful idea can also be implemented with any other bowl or dish. Small and delicate with the sugar bowl or iconic with the „bulbous“ bottom part of the sugar bowl. Be inspired!

Simply heart bowls ...

Always a heartfelt gift: The heart bowl of Gmundner Keramik. Especially fitting in redflamed, but of course also available in the designs alpine flower and deer.

Last minute gift: online value coupon

For all those who want to give real values, there is also the online value voucher in the print-at-home version at , which can be redeemed online in the web store.