New Africa designs & The iconic elephant teapot

New Africa designs

Unforgettable luxury in the wilderness of Namibia. Timeless and elegant. Unique experience of nature. Bring these emotions into your home with the new motifs of the Africa Edition! A very personal nature experience in the magical wilderness of Namibia, that’s how the new motifs on the jugs and plates can be described. The elegant zebra, the majestic lion, the mighty elephant, the magnificent leopard and the wonderful giraffe complete the natural Africa Edition.

The iconic elephant teapot

A historic design piece from the 60s is reissued with the new Africa Edition. The elephant teapot, as a real eye-catcher in any table setting, fits iconic teapot in the Africa Edition of Gmundner ceramics. With the earthy color combination and the natural base color, the teapot can be combined at will with the assortment from the Africa Edition.

Unique Africa - The Gmundner Lodge in Namibia

Driven by a spirit of innovation and deep respect for centuries-old traditions and craftsmanship, the company continues to expand and now also offers unique travel experiences with the opening of the Gmundner Lodge in Namibia. The beginning of a new era!