claro & Gmundner Keramik

together sunstainable

claro and Gmundner Keramik have more in common than just a green colour.

Since the beginning of the company’s history, both companies have been inspired by their surroundings and have always produced environmentally friendly, sustainable and regional products.

Let your ceramics shine in a special shine with claro.

Hello. We are claro.

In 1995, claro founder Josef Dygruber woke up a green paradise of cleanliness. Surrounded by nature, a company is growing up that has created space for tinkerers, testers, all-rounders and those who think differently in order to bring sustainable products into the world. Because we need to change the earth with our natural talents.

claro was, and still is, an environmental pioneer in a world dominated by chemical companies. Long before it was banned by law, we stopped using phosphate in our products and are constantly optimizing our production, purchasing and transport to become even better. With the water-soluble film of our tabs, which is biodegradable, we reduce plastic waste.

We care about nature. We only produce environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents. After all, nobody benefits from having clean dishes when the environment is dirty.

that's what claro stands for

  • Environmental friendliness and sustainability
  • Highest cleaning performance and innovation
  • Production location Austria
  • Immediate proximity to the customer

In 2009 claro was the first manufacturer of automatic dishwashing detergents to be awarded the Austrian Ecolabel (UW No. 713) and the EU Ecolabel certificate (EU Ecolabel: AT / 015/001).

We are convinced that our actions have an impact on nature. That is why it is particularly important for us as a company that we do our environment good.

This is no easy task, especially with detergents and dishwashing detergents. But we see it as our responsibility to find ways that are environmentally friendly.

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