Sparkling crockery for a lifetime.


Wash at a maximum of 50 °C to go easy on the material.


Use dishwashing powder instead of tabs. Powder can be measured out and is less


In order to achieve the perfect result, let the steam from the dishwasher escape and the dishes slowly cool down. This way, you won’t expose Gmundner Keramik to any rapid changes in temperature and do not risk material stress or splitting off. This also prevents lime spots.


Regularly check and straighten bent wires in the dishwasher rack. This prevents your crockery from clashing.


You can use Gmundner Keramik in the microwave at any time.


After the dishwashing cycle, use only fully dried crockery in your microwave. Otherwise, it may get too hot from any remaining moisture.


Do not put down warm/hot crockery onto cold surfaces,  as this may lead to tension and cracks in the ceramic!

Marks from cutlery

Marks from cutlery (cutting traces) result from mechanical abrasion of metal on the glass surface of the ceramics/porcelain.


Lime, salts and the temperature in the dishwasher as well as a high level of chrome content in the cutlery can all amplify this effect.


The residue from the cutlery is not a sign of poor quality.


We recommend removing the grey lines immediately after they appear, using the Gmundner Keramik dish detergent. 

Coffee & tea stains

If left to dry for too long, coffee and tea stains may become visible on white ceramic.


Claro Multi Powder was developed specially to combat these unappetising stains.


It acts strongly against tea and coffee stains in the dishwasher.

With these dishwashing tips, your Gmundner Keramik will look like new even after frequent washing.