Products & styles

Rustic & elevated

Slowing down and relaxing with country charm – decorate your table with rustic accessories as linen, felt, horn and colourful flowers in the country house style.

Timeless & elegant

Plain elegance mixed with real values – the place settings fit calm and discreet into your straight-lined and modern style of living.

Colourful & vivid

Feel pure lust for life on your table – cheerful and energetic presented with different colours, patterns and materials.

Classic – elegant – plain: Which style fits to you?

When it comes to fashion, many quickly find themselves a certain style. It gets more difficult when it then comes to interior and the tableware, which is comprehensible as you certainly dress yourself every day new, but almost no one changes the tableware every day.

At home, it is particularly important to know what suits you. Only then it is possible to feel really comfortable and to be able to enjoy the feast with all senses.

You don’t have to choose a single style, the exceptions confirm the rule and this is also the case with Gmundner Keramik. If you wish a mix out of different designs and styles, then you will find it also here. The products of Gmundner Keramik are in colours and shapes optimally coordinated.