Care instructions

Recommendations for care and utilization

Each piece of Gmundner Keramik is painted by hand and unique. For enjoying Gmundner Keramik even longer, please note the following recommendations for care and utilization:


You can clean Gmundner Keramik in the dishwasher anytime. Our recommendation:

  • Rinse at maximum temperatures of up to 50 °C / 122 °F
  • Use powder detergent instead of dishwasher tabs. Powder can be easily dosed and is less aggressive.
  • After every wash cycle, let the steam escape completely. Doing so, you prevent lime stains.
  • Straighten bent wires in the basket regularly. Your dishes will not strike each other.


You can use Gmundner Keramik in the microwave anytime. Our recommendation:

After every wash cycle, only use completely dried dishes in our microwave. Otherwise it can heat up too much by the residual moisture.

Little hint:

Use the microwave as a handy plate warmer. Just put the plates in the microwave for several seconds.

Contamination through cutlery wear

Should you notice thin, grey lines, scratches, or stripes on your ceramic, you should not worry. These are not mistakes in the glaze, but merely knife or cutlery wear.

As the name already indicates, this is the increased abrasion of cutlery on the dishes. This problem is not only limited to ceramic, but occurs also on porcelain.

Unfortunately, the abrasion cannot be totally avoided, but you can prevent this through following measures:

  • usage of always well sharpened knives

  • when cleaning in the dishwasher, ensure that there is always enough rinse aid and salt in the respective compartments

  • usage of phosphate-free detergents

Should you nonetheless have problems with cutlery wear, we suggest the Gmundner Keramik dish detergent. This makes your ceramics look like new, but it can also be used for porcelain. Give it a try!