Wiener Keramik


United Wiener and Gmundner Keramik

Wiener Keramik was founded in 1906 by the important Viennese sculptors Michael Powolny and Bertold Löffler and stands for the new orientation of artistic creation in Art Nouveau. In close cooperation with the famous Wiener Werkstätte, the ceramics manufactory created brilliant works in black and white and colour-intensive works which were sold in their exquisite showrooms in Vienna, New York, Berlin and Zurich.

In 1912/1913, under Franz Schleiss II, Gmundner Keramik merged with Wiener Keramik, which worked as a sales association with the Wiener Werkstätten, and all the models of Wiener Keramik were continued under the name „United Wiener and Gmundner Keramik“.

The „United Wiener and Gmundner Keramik and Gmundner Tonwarenfabrik Schleiß GmbH“ attracted gifted ornamental ceramic artists such as Peche, Powolny, Zülow and Hartmann during the summer months and made Gmunden an artists‘ colony.

Renaissance of a very special time

from then to the present

In 1909, the married couple Franz Schleiss II and Emilie Schleiss-Simandl ushered in a new era for ceramic art in Gmunden. Renowned artists contributed to the success of the manufactory with their designs. With the founding of GRUPPE H, modern ceramic art came to Gmunden.


Gmundner Keramik and OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH continue this long tradition of cooperation with artists of international standing with the format of the Academy of Ceramics Gmunden.


The resulting works of particularly high artistic quality are entitled to bear the Wiener Keramik Label.

Rosi Steinbach

501 Lidded vase

This lidded vase was created by Rosi Steinbach in 2022 as part of the Academy of Ceramics.


Limited to 10 pieces, this work – which represents the new edition of Wiener Keramik – is a very special piece for all art & collector lovers.


In addition to a high-quality wooden box for storing the work of art, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with the purchase of this unique piece.


Price on request.

Personal collection necessary.

Symbol photos

For many years I have been creating ceramic objects in my workshop in Leipzig. My colourfully glazed portrait busts are particularly well known. However, I also work on other objects that increasingly focus on our relationship with nature. Shapes and structures from nature serve as a source of ideas or as a direct model for my colour-glazed shiny objects. It can be tree stumps or boulders, lichens, mushrooms or even animals that are depicted or provide inspiration for a ceramic object. During my stay at the Academy of Ceramics Gmunden in 2022, I created a series of lidded vases. The lids can be imagined as organic forms that grow out of the vases. When the vases are filled with flowers, the lid stands next to them as a small sculpture in its own right. Inspired by the "flamed" ceramics and tiled stoves - that one regularly encounters in Gmunden - and the surrounding area and equally inspired by the lush nature of the mountain and lake landscape of the Salzkammergut, I developed my Traunstein vases for Gmundner Keramik. With this series of unique vases, I would like to take up the tradition of United Wiener and Gmundner Keramik.
Rosi Steinbach, artist

Rosi Steinbach

born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, GDR /Chemnitz
lives and works in Leipzig, DE
1977 studies at the engineering college in Köthen
1981 graduate engineer for plant construction
since 1990 works in ceramics
since 1996 exhibition participation


2022 Artist in Residence, OÖ AIR, AoCG, Gmundner Keramik, AT
2021 Grassi Prize of the Carl and Anneliese Goerdeler Foundation,
Grassi Museum for Applied Art, Leipzig
2020 Residency, Centre for Ceramics, Berlin
2017 Artist in Residence, c.r.e.t.a. Roma, Rome, IT
2014 Artist in Residence, A.I.R. Vallauris, Vallauris, FR
2011 Prize of the Leipzig Annual Exhibition