Whether in fashion or interior - there is no getting around the "lobster". The hand-painted lobster adorns selected pieces from the Gmundner Keramik range and is available for a limited time. Each piece is made by hand and is therefore truly unique. All Gmundner Keramik pieces are suitable for dishwasher and microwave.
Weight 0.331 kg Volume 0,4 Diameter 14 cm Height 7,8 Length 14 cm Width 14 cm
Care instructions
Dishwasher and Microwave oven

Care instructions and tipps for your Gmundner Keramik


All Gmundner ceramics are safe to use in the dishwasher.


Our recommendation:

  • Wash at low temperatures: max. 50 °C. This will maintain the appearance and functionality of your tableware.
  • Use powder detergent instead of tabs. Powder is less aggressive and the quantity used is easy to regulate.
  • After the dishwashing cycle has ended, allow the residual steam to escape. This will prevent limescale stains.
  • Check the dishwasher rack regularly for any bent tines and straighten. This will prevent your dishes hitting each other.

Microwave oven

All Gmundner ceramics are safe to use in a microwave oven.


Our recommendation:

After cleaning in the dishwasher, make sure your tableware is completely dried before placing in the microwave. This prevents your ceramics from getting too hot due to residual moisture.

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