The design Hunter’s delight is among the most elaborate décors from Gmundner ceramics. With more than an hour’s painting time you can feel the special love for detail in each and every item. The design offers variation with various themes. Man or woman, the colour of clothes or breed of dog - the creativity of the hunting scenes is entirely left up to the talented painters. The ideal theme for avid hunters and collectors. Each piece is made by hand and is a real unicum. Gmundner Keramik is also suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.
Weight 0.073 kg Diameter 5.3 cm Height 8.5 cm Length 5.3 cm Width 5.3 cm

You benefit from a pure piece of Austria with lasting value by choosing Gmundner Keramik.

We offer to re-purchase all current and former designs on available stock forms for an unlimited time. Please, inquire with our customers service.