Mix & Match for Christmas

Are you looking for a very special table setting for your Christmas?


Or do you already have a Gmundner Keramik service at home and would like to complement it, but are still undecided how?


Get to know in our MIX & MATCH Guide for Christmas how you can perfectly combine our designs and discover the combination possibilities of the hand-painted unique pieces.

Suitable for this
Red with Red

Mix & Match in Red

There is nothing more festive than a bright red at Christmas! When it comes to the shade of red, however, it is particularly important to match the same tone, otherwise it can look a little jarring. This is not a problem with the hand-painted unique pieces from Gmundner Keramik, as the ruby red colour of the different decorations is perfectly coordinated.


Put a smile on the faces of your guests and loved ones at Christmas by choosing a different design for each course:

Green in Green

Mix & Match in Green

You want it more elegant & dignified for the festive season? Then a combination with green tones is perfect for you!


Whether Winterberry Green, Green Deer, Variation Green or Green Rim – these designs can also be perfectly combined with each other and create a classy overall table setting.


Our TIP:

In addition to different designs per course, you can also combine table accessories such as bowls, platters, salt & pepper, water jug etc. in different designs in the same shade. This way you can set your dinner table even more individually and create a unique table setting!

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