Maritime decoration for your home

Greek decoration for your home

Maritime decoration

Bright sunshine, white beaches and deep blue water – a holiday in a faraway country or a lake holiday at home would be so nice to have every day. Unfortunately, this is not possible! Or maybe it is? With a few tips and the right ideas, decorating your home in greek style is easy. And with little effort: colours like blue and white are reminiscent of the sea. Materials like wood and ceramics make you think of shells and the beach. Striped pattern in blue or red – red tones are said to refer to the corals of Greece – are also characterises to the maritime living style.


It is impossible to imagine the interior world without the maritime look. Unlike other decorative styles, it is repeated anew every summer. After all, maritime decoration stands for summer holidays by the sea or lake like no other. In home furnishings, maritime decorative elements such as blue tableware set are looking particularly charming. We would like to inspire you to come up with new decoration ideas and show you how you can easily style maritime decoration at home.

Maritime Deco - Blue and White for a Greek Flair

Navy blue, sky blue or sea blue – thanks to the colour of the sky and the sea, blue is associated in colour psychology with longing and clarity. All shades of blue are perceived as emotionally balancing, cool and calming. So no colour could fit the theme of „sea decoration“ better than blue. But it is only in combination with white that blue tones develop the refreshing Greek magic that reminds us of relaxed holidays on the beach.


The colour combination blue-white is best mixed with warm natural tones, because they are typical for wood, sand and stones, but also for rustic beach chairs or parasols. Together, the colours ensure that your dinner invitations are reminiscent of distant beaches and Mediterranean holiday nights. Our suggestion for a Mediterranean menu is homemade ravioli as a starter, fried fish as a main course and Greek yoghurt ice cream for dessert.


If you like contrasts, mix in a strong orange tone, and if you prefer something more glamorous, add gold tones to your Greek deco. This way, the maritime decoration can be personalised even further.

Maritime table decoration

Integrating maritime decoration into the home is much quicker than you think. Whether it’s a Mediterranean holiday destination like Italy or a local lake like the Wolfgangsee that you have fond memories of. You can create a relaxing holiday feeling on your dining table yourself with the right colours and accessories. The colours blue, white and green can now also be found on many items of furniture. Maritime tableware with a striped pattern is particularly harmonious. Tables and chairs contribute the sandy brown of the beaches.

Maritime interior for the kitchen

The Mediterranean can also find its way into the kitchen and remind us of our last holiday in Spain. Moreover, maritime decoration DIYs are quick to make and always look stylish. For example, you can place olives in small bowls on the dining table or spread sprigs of herbs on the tablecloth. The maritime decorations will look very harmonious if you also serve your guests a Mediterranean menu. If all this is not enough for you, use glasses and bottles with lavender bouquets.

Maritime design for the living room

Cushions and blankets in a cream shade with a blue pattern on the sofa are a delicate eye-catcher for your living room. But much more interesting, for example, is a Traunsee decoration with scattered fishing nets on a side table as well as branches and grasses in a pretty vase with a maritime flair. A small lantern in white evokes memories of old lighthouses on the coast. And of course, decorative elements such as sailboats and lifebuoys for the right mood should not be missing.

Maritime decoration for the outdoor area

Of course, the outdoor area – garden, terrace and balcony – will also be a real eye-catcher with maritime decoration! It’s best to choose light-coloured lounge furniture and combine it with accessories such as lanterns and fairy lights so that your outdoor area resembles the picturesque atmosphere of the lake Attersee. Apart from the choice of colours, candles are a must for a maritime ambience. Choose individual candles or candles in a tin – they will remind you of the torches on a beach in the evening.

Maritime furnishing: DIY ideas

For a summer party with the motto „Mondsee“ or „France“, it calls for: table decorations, maritime, homemade. For the right evening decoration, you need a blue place mat, patterned napkins and a nautical tableware set. It’s also easy to make your own nautical decorations: if you need a highlight for your party, it’s best to pull out your largest bowl and place lots of basil and oregano sprigs on it. Then scatter lemons and tomatoes around. That’s it!


As you have seen, you can embellish your home with maritime decoration with a few targeted interior elements. Let a little holiday feeling into your home with the right accessories!

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